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Perma-Seal 2022 Foundation Supportworks Integrity Award Recipient

Recognized for their commitment to workplace culture and exceptional quality work Burr Ridge, Ill., May 9, 2022 --- Perma-Seal, the most trusted basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts serving the greater Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana, is honored to be the recipient of the 2022 Foundation Supportworks Integrity Award. Hosted b...

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Perma-Seal Expands Structural Division

Permanently Repair Structural Foundation Damage With Perma-Seal Burr Ridge, Ill., May 3, 2021 --- Perma-Seal, the most trusted basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts serving the greater Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas, has expanded its structural division to meet the increasing needs of homeowners. Trained and experienced stru...

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Real Estate Market

What's Happening in Our Area's Real Estate Market?

 There's no doubt 2020 has been a strange year for careers, families and communities – this includes real estate. Across the country, inventory was at historic lows over the spring and summer months as COVID-19 left many people uncertain about their future. But, for those looking to sell, doing so during a period of low inventory could be a go...

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Promoting Green Solutions

The nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) is a Chicago-based think-and-do tank that researches, pilots, and advocates solutions for property owners in towns and cities across the Chicago region that are paying millions of dollars to tackle basement and backyard flooding problems. CNT’s Wetrofit service offers fast track solutions for budget-strapped communities aimed at alleviating this flooding, revitalizing neighborhoods and generating jobs. 

CNT has established one of the largest family residential green retrofit programs in the nation and has already been piloted in several communities in the Chicagoland area. However, CNT is now making the case to national leaders for the financing of green infrastructure retrofits, knowing that wetrofitting can offer effective and accountable local services to many other areas throughout the country.

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Perma-Seal Introduces Active Moisture Management System (AMMS)

For over 30 years Perma-Seal has been the leader in keeping homeowners’ basement walls and floors dry, now we’re excited to introduce a whole NEW LEVEL OF DRYNESS: the Active Moisture Management System.

Concrete walls and floors, once sealed and installed with an appropriate drainage system, are an effective barrier against seepage even during the heaviest of downpours. Moisture vapor however can still penetrate even the best concrete and cause excess humidity in a basement or crawl space. High humidity levels lead to mold, mildew, mustiness, and odors.

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Perma-Seal Reaches for the Stars

Downers Grove, IL
September 19, 2008

You may not think about basement waterproofing until you need it. Thankfully the experts at Perma-Seal Basement Systems think about it everyday.

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Perma-Seal Develops New Crawl Space Solution

Downers Grove, IL
June 30, 2009

The reasons for encapsulating your crawl space have been well documented. The hazards of living over a damp or dirt crawl space are many, i.e. mold growth, soil gases and excess energy costs far exceed the cost of having a permanent liner installed. Over the last five years, Perma-Seal has sealed more crawl spaces than any other contractor in the country by far! Now, in our never-ending quest to improve our products & services, we have enhanced our system.

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Contractors Avoid Explosive Complaints with Low Pressure Crack Injections

Downers Grove, IL
May 16, 2009

Pre-finishing techniques protect indoor air quality against airborne health hazards.

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Perma-Seal to Offer Prefinishing Systems

Downers Grove, IL
September 17, 2008

With the housing market in a slump, more and more homeowners are investing in their existing homes. One of the best, long-term investments for a house is basement waterproofing for added usable space and possible finishing. Emecole claims that it is wiser and healthier to first minimize humidity, prevent deadly soil gases from entering a home, eradicate mold, and stop damaging water leaks before they happen. Roy Spencer, Owner of Perma-Seal Basement Systems in Downers Grove, IL, says, “It is a lot easier and less expensive to fix these problems before than it is after you have finished your basement.” Fortunately, basement waterproofing and prefinishing can be done on a budget while also making the downstairs living space attractive and safe for children.

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Perma-Seal Basement Systems Named As a Top Dealer Worldwide

Downers Grove, IL
February 2007

At the 2007 Grip-Tite Dealer Meeting, Perma-Seal Foundation Repair was named 2007's #4 dealer out of over 60 dealers worldwide. Perma-Seal performs structural foundation repairs and is the authorized dealer for Perma-Seal Foundation Piering Systems. Perma-Seal’s consultants and installers receive training and national support from this network, keeping them on the cutting edge of current technology in foundation repairs.

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