Basement Wall Systems

After we have installed a comprehensive basement waterproofing system, you can start to look into some of our products to aid with getting your basement ready to finish. Most of these items focus on ensuring the area will be protected from water and to prevent any damage that could come from basement water. We use a few different products that have different types of applications and will keep your basement dry and safe.

Everlast Finished Wall System

Everlast Wall Panel System

Whether you're looking to finish your basement or you need to restore or replace what you've already done, it's very important you choose the right kind of materials and avoid having to go through this process ever again. If you've already finished the area and have experienced water seepage, excess moisture or especially municipal sewer backup, odds are you've also had to replace the drywall, insulation, carpet, wood-frames studs and all other organic building materials that most homeowners use to finish their basement. These materials are not suitable for finishing a basement because they are not waterproof and become a breeding ground for mold and other harmful bacteria to freely grow in your home. That is BAD NEWS!

The first and most important step is to solve your water problems permanently before finishing the basement. Even with the correct building materials, active seepage will introduce more moisture and humidity into the air and cause you to be breathing unhealthy air throughout your entire home. Water is erosive and will only continue to make things worse. The last thing we want any homeowner to experience is having to rip out the large investment they just made finishing their basement because it wasn't protected correctly.

So the next step is to use materials that, even if they accidentally get wet, will not be destroyed or lead to future health issues. The Everlast Finished Wall Restoration System is the perfect solution for creating a new living space in your home. If your drywall or paneling has been damaged and needs to be restored, these panels can be installed to replace only the lower areas that were damaged or can even replace the entire wall.

Benefits of the Everlast System

  • If an unexpected plumbing leak or other incidence were to occur, your walls will be protected
  • Metal studs are installed to avoid any future issues with moisture, deterioration or mold growth
  • Everlast panels can be installed with finished chair rail and trim, which are also water and mold-proof and won't ever need paint
  • Combines the two most popular interior finish colors to match any interior decor
  • Uses a designer pattern with an alligatored vinyl to look great and hide wall marks and shine
  • These panels are washable and will not need to be painted!


CleanSpace Wall System

The CleanSpace® wall liner is a 12-mil thick reinforced plastic liner that is installed with permanent drilled-in fasteners. These liners are completely waterproof and will not support the growth of mold, unlike most common building materials. It is a fast, economical way to cover ugly walls, stop water vapor from permeating through the walls, and will direct any walls leaks or moisture straight into the drainage system. The white color really brightens a basement, reflecting available lighting and creating a bright, usable living area for your family to use.


BrightWall Basement Wall Panels

It's bright white, durable panels maximize the available light your basement and give it a bright, clean finished look, not to mention it is 100% waterproof and washable so it will help keep your basement dry.

  • Works as an effective moisture and vapor barrier
  • Easy to clean, waterproof, stain resistant
  • No need to paint and is maintenance-free
  • Can be sued over concrete block and poured concrete wall

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