New Construction Waterproofing

When you’re building a home, you have the unique opportunity to ensure that the home’s foundation will remain dry forever. It’s an important decision and could prevent a lot of future costly repairs, so do your research before choosing the cheapest option. Many home builders and contractors choose to use damp-proofing, which entails spraying a moisture-resistant material on the foundation walls. However, this process only meets minimal building code standards and is not a complete or permanent protection from water. Perma-Seal, however, is here to provide you with effective, dependable waterproofing solutions which will be able to prevent basement as well as crawl space seepage in your home.

The Perma-Seal System

The following products and systems are offered with our new construction services to builders in the area:

Delta MS Wall Membrane

  • Mechanically attached to the foundation to eliminate any problems with the wall being too “green”, dirty, or wet for proper installation.
  • Installation is possible right after removal of the form.
  • Specially-designed dimple membrane drains water away from the basement walls rather than damming water pressure up against it.
  • Permanent solution that will not biodegrade.
Delta MS Wall Membrane - New Construction Waterproofing

Rigid Form Insulation Board

  • Provides a durable protection barrier for the Delta MS Membrane.
  • Will help improve energy efficiency for your home by reducing your year-round heating and cooling costs.
Rigid Foam Insulation Board - New Construction Waterproofing

Exterior and Interior Drain Tile Systems

  • We can install drainage systems inside and outside of the foundation to control the water and keep it from making its way into your basement.
  • We only use PVC piping because it is clog resistant, but our drain tile systems will include clean out ports so it can be rodded out if necessary.
  • Other companies often use ABS pipe for drain tile systems, which is prone to curling and bellying over time.
  • We will also install window well drains for any basement window wells.
Exterior Drain Tile System - New Construction Waterproofing

CleanSpace Wall Liner

When it comes to the interior of your foundation, our CleanSpace Wall System will provide a barrier to the naturally cold and damp cement walls. It is a heavy, durable plastic liner that will stop water vapor and moisture from permeating through the walls and affecting your nicely finished basement in the future. Or, if the basement will not be finished, it will brighten the space with a semi-finished look.

  • Waterproof wall liner directs moisture into the drainage system.
  • Designed to not support the growth of mold.
  • 20 mil thickness with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty against rips, tears, and punctures.
CleanSpace Wall Liner - New Construction Waterproofing

Custom Designed Sump Pumps & Pits

We can also provide your homes with custom-designed sump pumps and pits. These can be designed for both residential and commercial properties. We have a team of skilled, seasoned, and knowledgeable waterproofing professionals who will be able to provide you with the advice and solutions you need for even the most challenging of projects. We can also provide you with battery backup systems which will activate in case the primary pump malfunctions, or if the power goes out.

Custom Sump Pit Installation - New Construction Waterproofing

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