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Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump failure is one of the main causes of waterproofing problems in Chicago. Properly maintaining your sump pump system can keep your home dry no matter how hard it rains. 

What is Sump Pump Failure?

Your sump pump has failed when your sump pump malfunctions or stops working properly. Sump pumps are typically installed in a sump pit or basin, where water collects and is then pumped out to prevent flooding or water damage.

The consequences of sump pump failure can be serious, as it may result in basement or crawl space flooding, water damage to structures and belongings, and an increased risk of mold growth. To minimize the risk of sump pump failure, perform regular maintenance, test the pump periodically, keep the sump pit clean, ensure proper installation, and consider installing a backup power source in case of power outages.

If you experience sump pump failure or suspect that your sump pump is not functioning correctly, contact a professional at Perma-Seal to inspect and repair the pump or recommend a solution.

How Do I Know If My Sump Pump Is Failing?

Several signs can suggest a failing sump pump. If you notice any of these signs or suspect that your sump pump is failing, it is important to address the issue quickly. Contacting one of our professionals at Perma-Seal for inspections, repairs, or replacements. We can analyze the pump’s condition, identify the problem’s cause, and provide the necessary repairs or recommend a new sump pump if needed. Regular sump pump maintenance and testing can also help prevent unexpected failures. Here are some common indicators to look out for:

  • Excessive noise
  • Irregular cycling
  • Constant running
  • Insufficient water removal
  • Unusual odor
  • Visible rust or corrosion
  • Basement or crawlspace flooding

What Causes Sump Pump Failure?

Multiple different factors can cause sump pump failure. To minimize the risk of sump pump failure, it’s important to choose a high-quality pump, ensure proper installation by seeking professional assistance, perform regular maintenance, including cleaning the sump pit and testing the pump, and consider installing a backup power source.

If you experience sump pump failure, you should contact one of the professionals at Perma-Seal to inspect and repair the pump or recommend solutions based on the specific cause of the failure.

Here are some common causes of sump pump failure:

  • Power failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Switch problems
  • Clogged intake or discharge pipes

Incorrect installation or maintenance

How Do I Fix or Prevent Sump Pump Failure?

Fixing sump pump failure depends on the specific cause of the problem. If your sump pump is beyond repair, or if the failure is recurring, replacing the pump with a new one may be necessary. When purchasing a new sump pump, you should consider pump capacity, features, and your basement or crawlspace needs. Here are some steps you can take to address sump pump failure:

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