Basement Windows

Many basement egress windows are ugly, rusty, leaky and do not open or close properly. And these windows are frequently installed in window wells, which can also pose a challenge in keeping a basement dry. Ground water is naturally attracted to the window well area and no matter how much landscaping you do to keep water away, once the ground becomes saturated, water will accumulate in the window well. This will inevitably lead to water entering your basement through your old leaky windows.

You may find yourself asking why are egress windows important and the most important reason is these windows let in a lot of natural light during the day and provide an emergency exit location.

Basement Window Leaking

If you have a finished basement or are considering our basement pre-finishing, this means that you can use the sunlight instead of turning on a lot of lights and using a lot of electricity. Also, these windows can spruce up this area below your home when they have a modern frame and a tight seal that doesn’t allow moisture to enter, preventing the need for a larger waterproofing system to be installed.

Basement Window Problems

When we talk to customers about the problems they are having with their basement egress windows, there are only a couple different possibilities due to the inherent simplicity in the product.

Windows are Drafty or Do not Let in Light

If the windows in your basement are the originals that the home was built with, there is a good chance they have gotten stained and dirty over the years and they no longer let the light in as well as they should. Over time, the seals can also break down and this can cause them to be drafty which allows your warm or cool air to escape which can increase your utility bills. This also makes it harder to ensure the basement humidity levels stay at the correct level which can make your dehumidifier work harder.

The only cost effective way to solve this problem is to install new egress windows made with better glass that won’t stain and have better seals to keep the air from getting around them.

Water Leaks in Around Windows

Cheap windows were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Eventually they will lose the ability to seal and may start letting in moisture, humidity and outdoor pollutants, which will affect the air quality in your home and your monthly utility bills. They may even allow water to start leaking in, which typically occurs when water accumulates in the window well because they either have no drain, or they become clogged with leaves and debris, causing water to remain in the well and proceed to enter the basement. If the drain is clogged, the entire window well can fill up with water, and eventually, the pressure of the water can break the window and cause water damage in your basement.

There are really only two solutions to this problem, one is to install new egress windows with better seals that will not leak. The other is to install window wells that use drains to keep water away from the windows.

Basement Window Solutions

Whether you are looking for new egress windows or want to upgrade your existing window wells, we can provide both. Please use the links below to get more information about them.

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