Concrete Lifting and Leveling

When the concrete slabs at your home are not level, they are going to be both an eyesore and a potential safety hazard. You, your family, or your visitors could trip over a sinking sidewalk. If your patio or walkway are sinking, they can help funnel water toward the house and cause you to require a basement waterproofing solution to be installed. A sloping driveway can eventually crack, which will need to be replaced eventually which can be a costly and time consuming process.

Thankfully, we have a tried and true method of concrete lifting and leveling that can properly restore your sinking concrete slabs, no matter where they are. We offer a service that uses a concrete lifting technique known as PolyLEVEL®, a fast, cost-effective and less disruptive alternative to mud and slab jacking as well as concrete replacement. The process utilizes a special, high-density polyurethane foam material, which is inserted into small opening(s) in the surface of the damaged slab. The foaming agent expands to fill the void beneath the damaged surface. Once it cures, it hardens to lift the slab up and back to the desired level. It takes approximately 15 minutes to cure. The small opening(s) are then grouted and sealed, and the slab is restored. Our solution is performed by trained technicians and leaves the once-uneven concrete safe, secure and level.

Before and After Polylevel Concrete Leveling

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