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Ejector Pump Installation

An ejector pump is very similar to a sump pump, working to help remove excess water from the sewage system.

Ejector Pump Installation in Chicago and NW Indiana

Our licensed plumbers at Perma-Seal can provide expert installation, repair, and replacement services for common plumbing-related issues in Chicago and the surrounding areas. It is important to have a licensed plumber provide all necessary plumbing services in your home. All of your plumbing components will be thoroughly inspected when our team is at your home to ensure we catch any problems, or warning signs of a problem, early on.

An ejector pump is very similar to a sump pump, except it removes grey water from the home instead of water from a waterproofing system. It is important to have your ejector pump regularly maintained, and if it needs to be replaced, it should be done by a licensed plumber from Perma-Seal.

How Does an Ejector Pump Work as a Plumbing Solution?

An ejector pump is commonly used for sewage or wastewater removal when traditional gravity-based plumbing isn’t doable. It is often installed in basements or areas below the main sewer line, where gravity cannot assist in the natural flow of wastewater.

Using an ejector pump, wastewater can be efficiently transported from lower areas to higher plumbing lines or municipal sewage systems. This technology is particularly useful in basements, remote or low-lying areas, or situations where the plumbing fixtures are located below the main sewer line.

How Does an Ejector Pump Work as a Plumbing Solution?

Using an ejector pump as a plumbing solution offers several benefits. Ejector pumps require regular maintenance to ensure their optimal performance. Maintenance tasks include periodic inspections, cleaning, checking the operation of float switches or pressure sensors, and clearing any potential blockages. Here are some advantages:

  • Versatility
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable Wastewater Removal
  • Reduction of Plumbing Blockages
  • Odor Control

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