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Maintaining healthy air in your home is one of the most important things you can do. The air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. As part of any of our basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation systems, we recommend the installation of a humidity control and air filtration system. These systems are designed to prevent the humidity from getting to unsafe levels. When humidity is at a high level, it will help facilitate the growth of mold and mildew which can cause serious health risks to your family. A proper dehumidifier can keep these levels under control and prevent this from happening. When coupled with an air filtration system, you will notice a reduction in musty odors as well.

Humidity and Virus Survival Rates

Perma-Dry vs. “Big Box Dehumidifiers”

Perma-Dry Air System:

  • Designed to dehumidify AND improve air quality.
  • Dual stage air filter system removes mold spores to a size of 3 microns, including allergens and all mold spores, creating a healthier environment throughout the home.
  • Recirculates the cleaner air back into the home, helps to remove odors.
  • Removes 100 pints of water from air per day, continuous drain.
  • Runs at an efficient 5.6 amps., up to 3X more efficient than most “Big Box store” models.
  • Five (5) year in-home, free replacement warranty

“Big Box store” dehumidifiers (typical):

  • Designed only to remove water.
  • Does not improve air quality or remove odors.
  • 40-50 pints per day, insufficient to lower humidity to below 60 degrees in most basements (level needed to control mold growth).
  • May need to be manually emptied.
  • One (1) year, return to store, warranty.
5X Polluted Air

In the past, people have just accepted that basements or crawl spaces are supposed to be musty or damp, but this is not true. That musty smell can actually be an indicator of high humidity and excess moisture that are encouraging the growth of mold in your home. This space, if untreated, can also harbor allergens which can increase the level of indoor pollution in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. This can be easily controlled through the use of one of our dehumidifier systems.

We believe healthy air is essential to a healthy home.

The Perma-Dry air filter and dehumidifier system is one of the most efficient and highest performing products. Once installed, it will help prevent the growth of dangerous mold and mildew, reduce the musty odors in your home, and help contribute to the overall health of your home by providing healthy and dry air. The optimal humidity level in your home should range between 30 – 60%. This range stops the promotion of mold growth, minimizes virus survival rates, and keeps a comfortable living environment instead of a sticky, damp feeling. Our Perma-Dry air system will control your home’s humidity, keeping it within that desired range. We install these in both crawl spaces and basements and we stand behind them to provide you with exceptional comfort.

Perma-Dry Air Filter and Dehumidifier for Indoor Air Quality Improvements


  • Protects – Perma-Dry reduces overly humid conditions to help protect furnishings and belongings from warpage, mildew and rot.
  • Inhibits Unhealthy Conditions – Reduces growth of allergens like mold & mildew and dust mites.
  • Increases Comfort – Get rid of that sticky, cold clammy feeling and musty smells.

We're here to help. Let one of our professionals determine the best way to improve the air quality in your home.

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