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Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Do you have issues with your water heater? Our team at Perma-Seal offers professional water heater replacement and installation services across the Chicago and NW Indiana area.

Why Water Heaters Are Important

Water heaters are indispensable appliances in any home, providing the comfort of hot water for bathing, cleaning, and more. However, they can also be sources of stress when issues arise. Understanding the common problems associated with water heaters, their symptoms, and how to address them can help homeowners maintain their systems more effectively. Learn more about leaky water heaters, dirty water problems, unexpected cold water, and unusual noises.

Our Water Heater Services

When it comes to keeping your water hot, our team at Perma-Seal has solutions. We offer water heater repair and replacement services for homeowners across the Chicagoland area. Click the button to learn more about our water heater services. 

Old Damaged Water Heater

Common Water Heater Issues

  • Leaky Water Heater: Leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, including internal tank corrosion, loose heating element bolts, a stuck valve, or a leaking water pipe connection.
  • Dirty Water: If your hot water appears rusty or dirty, it may be due to sediment build-up in the tank, corrosion of the tank’s interior, or issues with the water supply itself.
  • Cold Water: A lack of hot water could be due to a malfunctioning heating element (in electric water heaters), a faulty gas pilot light (in gas water heaters), or a broken thermostat.
  • Water Heater Noises: Popping, rumbling, or banging noises often result from sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank, causing water to boil and create these sounds.

Diagnosing and Addressing Water Heater Problems

Water Heater Leaks Chicago

Leaky Water Heater:

  • Initial Steps: Check for obvious signs of leakage around the tank, including the temperature and pressure relief valve, heating element bolts, and water supply connections.
  • Solution: Contact a plumber to check and tighten any lose connection. Overtightening can cause more damage or worsen leaks.
Dirty Water Water Heater Chicago

Dirty Water:

  • Diagnosis: Inspect the water color and consistency. Rusty water typically indicates corrosion, while cloudy or sandy water suggests sediment build-up.
  • Solution: Flushing the tank annually can remove sediment and prevent build-up. If corrosion is the issue, consult a professional for possible replacement options.
No Hot Water Water Heater Chicago

Cold Water:

  • Troubleshooting: Verify that the power supply (for electric heaters) or gas supply (for gas heaters) is connected and functioning. Check the thermostat setting and ensure it’s not set too low.
  • Solution: Resetting the thermostat or relighting the pilot light may resolve the issue. If the heating element or thermostat is faulty, replacement by a professional may be necessary.
Water Heater Noises Chicago

Water Heater Noises:

  • Cause: Sediment build-up is the most common cause of water heater noises.
  • Solution: Flushing the tank to remove sediment can quiet the noises. If the problem persists, inspecting the heating element for damage is advisable.

Preventative Maintenance and Professional Assistance

Regular maintenance is key to extending the life of your water heater and minimizing issues. Annual inspections and tank flushing can prevent many common problems. However, when DIY solutions do not resolve the issue, or if you’re unsure of the cause, seeking professional help is crucial. Plumbers and water heater specialists can diagnose and fix complex problems, ensuring your system operates safely and efficiently.

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