Basement Egress Windows

Windows in a basement are a necessity. Not only do they provide a source of natural light, but they can help with ventilation and can be an emergency egress (escape) point. But most basement windows are the original ones installed by the builder of the home, which means they are usually cheap, single pane glass that are now drafty, rusty and difficult to open and close.

We can help you plan installation of egress windows as part of a basement pre-finishing design. Perma-Seal can offer you a variety of energy efficient egress windows that can seal, renew and brighten the lower living space of your home.

Egress Windows

Imagine having a living-room-sized picture window in your basement, it would certainly help transform your dark, dingy basement into a comfortable and bright living space. Perma-Seal can install almost any size, code-compliant, egress-friendly window well and protect it with a new drainage system.

Not only do these large windows add a lot of natural light to this area of your home during the day, but they also work as an extra safety feature. In fact, most municipal codes state that if you have a living area in your basement, you need to have an escape or “egress” window installed. These windows can be opened up and have built-in stair steps that make it easy for you or another family member to get to ground level in case of an emergency, like a fire on the first floor.

Basement Egress Window Installation

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