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Strategic Maverick Welcomes Laura Ann Spencer to Board of Directors

Laura Ann Spencer serves as Executive Vice President and co-owner of Perma-Seal Basement Systems

Burr Ridge, Ill., November 30, 2023 — Today, Strategic Maverick, an innovative leadership development and consulting firm, announced Laura Ann Spencer as the newest member of the Advisory Board. Spencer, who currently serves as Executive Vice President and co-owner of Perma-Seal Basement Systems, will bring her extensive business know-how, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place to the board. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Laura Ann to the Strategic Maverick family,” said Sophie von Laer, CEO at Strategic Maverick. “Her track record of visionary leadership and commitment to fostering positive change aligns perfectly with our mission. Laura Ann’s diverse expertise and unwavering dedication to community betterment make her an inspiring addition to our advisory board. We look forward to the transformative impact she will bring to our organization. Together, we are poised to revolutionize the business landscape and usher in a new era of positive change.”

“I’m thrilled to join Strategic Maverick and be a part of their mission to drive transformative change and revolutionize the business landscape,” said Laura Ann Spencer, Executive Vice President, Perma-Seal. “Strategic Maverick has a tailored approach to identifying challenges and helping organizations build cultures of trust, innovation, and engagement. Through Strategic Maverick’s leadership and processes, we are positively paving the way for organizations to experience meaningful and sustained growth.”

Spencer began her tenure with Perma-Seal in 2004, starting at the very base of the operations. Since her humble beginnings 19 years ago, she has worn many hats at the company, including designing and developing the organizational structure that is in place today as well as creating and leading the finance, operations, culture & talent, and the marketing departments. In her most recent role as Executive Vice President and owner, Spencer launched Perma-Seal University, which consists of weekly, monthly, and quarterly leadership programs designed to grow, develop, and inspire current and future leaders within Perma-Seal. She also launched the Welcoming Program for which all new members of the Tribe will partake in a week-long orientation/onboarding program.  Driven by engaging and energizing the “Perma-Seal Tribe,” Spencer believes that the ripple effect of someone who is feeling fulfilled by their work is immeasurable. Her multifaceted expertise and passion for community betterment make her an invaluable addition to Strategic Maverick’s board.

As Strategic Maverick continues to push the boundaries of transformation in the space of leadership development, Spencer’s presence on the advisory board marks a significant milestone in Strategic Maverick’s journey toward creating a league of daring and influential leaders and teams.