Entire Wall Solutions

If your home has a water problem that we cannot properly repair or solve with a traditional drainage system, we have solutions designed to cover the entire wall and prevent water damaging your home. This is generally found in some of the older homes in the area that do not have traditional concrete walls, they will have block, stone, brick, or even wooden walls. These types of basements are where our entire wall solutions will be the only basement waterproofing solution we recommend to properly waterproof the basement and prevent future water damage.

The longer you wait, the more likely it becomes that water will get inside your basement and ruin your walls, floors, and anything you may have kept in this area of your home - which could include priceless valuables. Plus, the added moisture and humidity will provide mold with an ideal environment to start growing, and that unhealthy air will eventually make its way to your main living areas. Prevent this problem from happening by contacting us at the first sign of a problem. We will fix the crack permanently and potentially install a drainage system to keep your basement dry and healthy.

Interior Wall Waterproofing

Entire Interior Basement Wall Waterproofing

Even if you don't have a finished basement below your home, keeping excess moisture and seepage out of your lower living area is extremely important and will benefit your family's health. There are times when one of our conventional water collection and diversion systems cannot work as intended. This is generally due to the type of wall material or the age of the home. Older foundations that are not poured concrete have different requirements for collecting and removing the water.

The best way to ensure that your basement stays dry permanently is to protect it with a full wall liner and drainage system. Regardless of what type of foundation you have, we can install a drain tile system around the perimeter of the basement, connect it to a new or existing sump pump and battery backup system, and then cover the walls with a wall system that will direct any moisture straight to the drainage system and keep it out of your basement.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Entire Exterior Basement Wall Waterproofing

The best way to ensure that your basement is fully protected from water is to install a full drainage system, a sump pump and backup system and a wall liner. This can be done from the interior or exterior of your home, but many homeowners who already have a finished basement choose to have this work done from the exterior of the home.

These systems are designed to wrap the entire outside of the home with a durable liner and water diversion system. This type of repair entails excavating the entire wall and then installing a new exterior drain tile system around the footing of the whole foundation. Then, the walls are sealed where possible, and a waterproof drainage fabric will be fastened to the wall to divert water straight to the drainage system.

Do I need an entire wall waterproofing system?

Because many older homes in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana have foundation walls constructed of materials other than poured concrete, like cinder or cement block, stone, brick, telephone tile or even wood, they are more susceptible to requiring more complex solutions. These foundations are not solid, so they are more prone to water issues. Not only does the older mortar have a hard time keeping water out, but once water makes its way in it can enter one area of a block foundation, run through the hollows of the blocks and enter the basement several feet away, making it very difficult to diagnose the source of the issue. Most often, non-concrete foundations are waterproofed successfully with a full wall and drainage system.

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