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Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

Healthy Air is Essential to a Healthy Home

Maintaining healthy air in your home is one of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your family. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you’re likely to experience up to 100 times greater exposure to air pollutants indoors than outdoors. Since we are spending more time at home than ever before, having exceptional indoor air quality has never been more important.

Healthy air quality begins with regulating the humidity and air filtration throughout your home. When the air in our home is clean and fresh, it can reduce illness, alleviate allergies, and help you sleep better.

Your basement or crawl space should not smell musty

Basement air can impact your entire home, with up to 50% of the air you breathe originating from the basement or crawl space. If properly regulated, it shouldn’t have a musty smell that many homeowners come to accept as “normal.” When a basement or crawl space smells musty, it’s often an indicator of high humidity and excess moisture which can lead to mold growth, causing that musty smell. If left untreated, the space can harbor allergens and cause increased pollution that permeate into the upper living spaces of your home. By regulating humidity, you can eliminate musty odors and get rid of that sticky, cold clammy feeling.

Keep humidity between 30% and 60% to minimize virus survival rates

In addition to facilitating the growth of mold and mildew, when humidity levels are too high it can cause wood floors to buckle and prevent doors from closing properly. When the air in your home is overly dry, it increases the likelihood of dust, dust mites, dry skin, itchy eyes, and nosebleeds along with increasing virus survival rates. Dry air can also crack and split wood. Maintaining optimal humidity levels – 30% to 60% – stops the promotion of mold growth, minimizes virus survival rates, and keeps a comfortable living environment instead of a sticky, damp feeling.

Perma-Dry™ Dehumidification & Filtration System

You can create a healthy home by maintaining proper humidity and air filtration with the Perma-Dry™ Dehumidification & Filtration System. It has three primary functions:

  1. Air Cleaner
  2. Regulate Humidity
  3. Provide Ventilation for Fresh Air

These three primary functions work together to remove pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, dust, dust mites, tobacco, and stop the spread of viruses. In fact, Perma-Dry air filters eliminate up to 96% of airborne particles.

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