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Ugly Sump Pump Winner Announced

A while back, we held an Ugly Sump Pump Contest. We announced our winner last week! Terry Bell from Ottawa, IL  is excited about his new sump pump. We will be scheduling an installation with him in the following weeks.

Your sump pump is key to keeping your basement dry. After every storm, we receive hundreds of calls from distressed homeowners who have suffered thousands of dollars in damages because their sump system failed. There are four things that cause sump pump failures:

  • Mechanical pump failure
  • Power loss due to an electrical outage
  • Pump has become clogged with debris in the sump pit
  • Discharge line ruptures or freezes

While an ugly sump pump probably is not a cause of failure, we think that our customers should have better looking pumps. Contestants in the Chicago Metro area were encouraged to call Perma-Seal, and arrange to have a technician come out to take pictures of their ugly sump pump. Each homeowner was entered into the contest to win the package, valued at more than $2,500. The winning entry will receive:

  • A new sealed sump basin
  • A half (1/2) horsepower pump
  • A battery backup pump
  • A new discharge line if needed