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Perma-Seal Busy After Chicago Storms

Chicago in Illinois is known as the Windy City, and for good reason. The climate in the third most populous city in the US can be extreme with hot summers, cold winters, and thunderstorms common in spring and summer.

With the changing weather, many Chicago basements have to deal with leaks, dampness, and even floods. These problems cannot be ignored since a wet basement can cause potentially serious issues, such as rot in wooden posts, weakening of the foundation, and even health risks brought about by mold.

To prevent these issues from manifesting, it is best to call and make a basement waterproofing appointment with one of the finest basement waterproofers in the area.

Perma-Seal is one of the best when it comes to basement waterproofing and it shows in their work. Perma-Seal professional will not only make your basement dry, but they can keep it dry even in the most severe of storms.

A dry basement not only leaves you with one less household problem to deal with, it keeps you and your family safe, as well. Peace of mind is always worth it, so what’s keeping you from having your basement waterproofed?

Call Perma-Seal today and make a basement waterproofing appointment to ensure your home and family are kept safe all year round.