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Perma-Seal Products to be featured on the Today Show

Lots of things around your home require a back-up. For those with a basement, a sump pump is a must and a back-up for that unit is a necessity. Think about all you have down there and then about how most insurance companies either cap the amount they will cover or no longer offer flood insurance. The mistake that most people make is not matching up the backup pumps capacity to the main pump. If your primary pump moves 3,000 gallons of water and hour your backup unit needs to do the same. Another consideration is inspecting these systems on a yearly basis. Standard batteries need to be filled with water yearly, sealed batteries cost more but need no maintenance for 5 years. A good back-up system installed will cost around $2,500.00 but it is worth it. Call Perma-Seal at 800-421-7325 to schedule a FREE evaluation of your sump pump system.

Tune in to The Today Show on NBC 5 this Friday in the 9 AM hour to learn more!

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