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Perma-Seal Develops New Crawl Space Solution

Downers Grove, IL
June 30, 2009

The reasons for encapsulating your crawl space have been well documented. The hazards of living over a damp or dirt crawl space are many, i.e. mold growth, soil gases and excess energy costs far exceed the cost of having a permanent liner installed. Over the last five years, Perma-Seal has sealed more crawl spaces than any other contractor in the country by far! Now, in our never-ending quest to improve our products & services, we have enhanced our system.

Perma-Seal’s Premium Crawl Space Solution has several important new features, including:

  • Added insulation to the floor and walls with option of adding additional R value
  • A thicker (60 mil vs. the former 20 mil) liner featuring a Zero Perm (no permeability to gases or moisture)
  • Reflective liner available to reflect radiant heat back into the home
  • A reflective Heat Shield to cover the floor joist area and prevent heat loss from the upstairs area
  • Qualifies for the federal Energy Tax Credit program which can help you to save hundreds of dollars
Perma-Seal Reaches for the Stars
Perma-Seal is awarded an A+ Rating by Chicagoland’...

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