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Perma-Seal Introduces Active Moisture Management System (AMMS)

For over 30 years Perma-Seal has been the leader in keeping homeowners’ basement walls and floors dry, now we’re excited to introduce a whole NEW LEVEL OF DRYNESS: the Active Moisture Management System.

Concrete walls and floors, once sealed and installed with an appropriate drainage system, are an effective barrier against seepage even during the heaviest of downpours. Moisture vapor however can still penetrate even the best concrete and cause excess humidity in a basement or crawl space. High humidity levels lead to mold, mildew, mustiness, and odors.

Perma-Seal’s new Active Moisture Management System (AMMS) includes a solar powered fan as part of the installation that creates an air flow system from underneath your basement and diverts moisture, gases, and odors directly to the outdoors – effectively reducing the moisture content in your home. Now your basement will not only stay dry, but it will FEEL DRY!

Starting in January 2010 all new Perma-Seal drainage systems will be offered with the AMMS; even better news is that all previous Perma-Seal Systems’ can be retrofitted with the AMMS.

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