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Lending A Helping Hand

Earlier in 2011, Perma-Seal and several other contractors and companies took part in a home adaptive renovation project in Oak Lawn, Illinois, (sponsored by Salute, Inc) to honor an injured Marine Yuriy and his wife Aimee.

Yuriy is a young Marine veteran who served two terms in Iraq and Afghanistan and is the recipient of many awards, combat action ribbons and medals. Upon returning home and making plans to be married, he had an appendix attack. He was sent to a military hospital for a routine appendectomy where complications during surgery led to him in a coma for two and a half months. He is now suffering with an Anoxic brain injury, which has left him unable to speak, visually impaired, unable to walk and has spasticity in both hands. As soon as Yuriy came out of the coma Aimee decided to marry him and care for him.

For over two years Yuriy and Aimee lived in one cramped room at her parents’ home, until the “Home Makeover Project” was put into action to try to help them acquire independence and get their own home with the tools necessary for Yuriy’s mobility. Perma-Seal jumped into the project to help insure that the basement would be protected and remain dry after it was refinished and looking great! We provided a full drain tile system, wall liners to keep out moisture and a battery backup sump pump system. We also installed a full picture window with an egress window well. Not only does the window allow light to flood into the basement, but also it is required to have a full size window in any basement with a bedroom to meet safety precautions.

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If you would like more information about Salute, Inc or would like to contribute to a project benefiting military veterans, go to their website at