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Joliet Sump Pumps

A city in Illinois, Joliet is named after the French-Canadian explorer, Louis Jolliet. The fourth-most populated city in the state, it has a population of about 148,000 and is the state’s fastest growing city.

Joliet sees an annual precipitation level of about 37 inches, and this accounts for many of the city’s flooded and damp basements. Whether it is caused by the weather or damaged pipes, a wet basement is never good news. Water is highly erosive and it can wreak havoc not just on your basement’s floors and walls, but on your home’s foundation, as well.

To help control the amount of water that seeps through the basement, many homes employ the use of sump pumps. Sump pumps basically work by drawing water out from the interior of your home and pumping it out and away to a safe distance from your foundation.

Often, a sump pump is accompanied by a backup pump. This is to ensure that in case of bad weather, power outages, and other acts of God, when the main sump pump fails to work, there will be a battery operated pump to keep on drawing the water out.

If you have moisture issues in your basement, and have yet to install a sump pump, call Perma-Seal today to ensure that your home is protected. A dry home is more than keeping water out, it’s about keeping you and your family safe.