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Highland Park Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Highland Park, a suburban municipality in Lake County, Illinois with a population of about 30,000, is known for many attractions including several landmark structures designed by prominent architects. Houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Howard Van Doren Shaw, and David Adler among others can be found in the municipality.

It doesn’t matter if your home was designed by a legendary architect, given the climate of the area, all homes have the same propensity to suffer from damp basements and wet crawl spaces.

For those with crawl spaces that are more wet than dry, you know how hard it is to keep moisture at bay. Musty smells waft up to the main house, foundations get eroded and weakened, and mold starts taking root when wet crawl spaces are left alone.

To help protect your crawl space, and thus your home, from unwanted moisture, call Perma-Seal and ask for a crawl space vapor barrier to be installed. A vapor barrier basically acts as a shield to keep moisture at bay and away from the inside of your crawl space.

To learn more about crawl space vapor barriers, how they work, and how they can make a difference, call Perma-Seal today. You can even ask for a free estimate if you are truly interested in protecting your home and family.