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Sinking Foundation in Elk Grove Village

Known for the herd of elk living in a grove in its own Busse Woods, the aptly named Elk Grove Village is a municipality in Illinois that lies adjacent to the city of Chicago. With a population of about 33,000, it is also home to the largest industrial park in the U.S. with over 3,600 businesses located within its boundaries.

While businesses and elk thrive, many homes undergo a natural occurrence that many might feel is a cause for worry – sinking foundations. While this is natural, you might be have to be concerned if the sinking happens very fast.

How do you know if your foundation is sinking faster than normal? If you notice doors and windows not opening or closing as easily as they used to, if walls appear bowed, or if cracks start appearing on your foundation walls, these may be causes for concern.

If your home is sinking too fast, it might give in to the stress and eventually crumble. So if you suspect you have a sinking foundation problem, instead of worrying, call Perma-Seal right away.

Perma-Seal offers free estimates, having its own certified foundation consultants inspect your home and giving upfront assessments. Get yourself some peace of mind today, call Perma-Seal to handle your sinking foundation right away.