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How Do I Stop my Chicago Heights Basement From Flooding?

Nicknamed “Crossroads of the Nation,” Chicago Heights is a city located in Cook County, Illinois that has served as a haven for German, Italian, Polish, Irish, African American, and Hispanic immigrants since 1900. Despite the city’s geography being composed of just 0.10% water, many Chicago Heights residents are still plagued with flooded basements.

A flooded basement can cause many problems health-wise and structurally. It promotes fungal and mold growth, which in turn causes allergies, asthma attacks, and other health issues; it can deteriorate your home’s foundations; it can ruin your appliances in the basement, such as the furnace or washing machine; and it can even wreck stuff you put down in the basement for storage.

The question now on the minds of many Chicago Heights residents is, “How do I stop my basement from flooding?”

Solutions to Basement Flooding

There are many solutions to keeping your basement from flooding and these include extending your rain gutter downspouts away from your home and making sure the grade of your yard slopes away.

Cleaning your rain gutters will also prevent rain water from pooling directly down on your foundation, so it’s best to keep them clean.

A sump pump should also be installed to keep water from building up in the basement. Having back up power also helps, or in lieu of a generator, at least a back up sump pump that’s battery operated.  

If you need help in setting up your home to prevent basement floods, call Perma-Seal to ensure everything is done correctly.

Benefits to Chicago Heights Homeowners

Having a flood-free basement would mean not having to worry about fungal and mold growth, weak foundations, damaged appliances, and other related problems. But perhaps the most important benefit that’s worth all the preparation – peace of mind.

Call us  today and keep your basement dry. You won’t regret it.