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Elk Grove Village Sewer Backup Prevention

Located in northeastern Illinois, Elk Grove Village gets its name from the herd of elk living in a grove in Busse Woods. The municipality sits just adjacent to the city of Chicago, and as such, shares the same weather conditions.

With thunderstorms common in spring and summer, combined with the cold winters, water in the basement is a very common problem for many homeowners. As such, basements are waterproofed to fully protect them from seepage.

However, even if a basement is fully waterproofed, there are times when water still finds its way to your basement floor. If you are sure your basement’s waterproofing is holding up, then the water must have come up from the sewer pipes, meaning you have a sewer backup situation.

A backed-up sewer needs to be treated by a professional. Perma-Seal has its own sewer camera inspection and rodding to find the blockage or cause of the problem, and to rod it out. But how do you prevent it in the first place?

For proper sewer backup prevention, you can ask Perma-Seal about your options. You can have a double- or triple-valve system installed that has check valves in place to detect is water is pushed toward your home. If so, the valves will close to keep the water from rising.

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