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Overflowing Rain Gutters in Highland Park and What it Could Mean for Your Basement

With a population of about 30,000, Highland Park is a suburban municipality in Lake County, Illinois that lies about 23 miles north of Chicago. Part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area, the area is also affected by the same weather patterns as the Windy City with precipitation levels above 30 inches.

A high precipitation level means that basements in the area are more prone to flooding and foundations are more exposed to water. If you find your foundations to be wet all the time, and your basement to be flooded, sometimes the causes are those that you least suspect.

An overflowing rain gutter, despite being high off the ground, is one of the chief causes of basement flooding.

How can the highest part of your home affect the lowest? Simple. Rain gutters are meant to drive water away form your home and foundation, but if it is overflowing, the water will be spilling over everywhere. It is this spillage that eventually reaches the foundation and seeps through to your basement, causing floods and foundation damage.

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