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Battery Backup Sump Pumps for Highland Park

About 23 miles north of Chicago, Highland Park in Lake County, Illinois is one of several municipalities that are located on the North Shore of the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

While being the home of several landmark structures by prominent architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and David Adler, it doesn’t take a legendary architect to realize that basements in the area should have apt protection against floods and moisture.

Pelted by harsh winters and thunderstorms in spring and summer, Highland Park homes are prone to excessive moisture, which makes proper basement waterproofing a must for every homeowner.

While sump pumps may be a regular fixture in most homes, battery backup sump pumps are not. But they should be, especially in thunderstorm season. There will come a time when your main pump will break down or a power outage will occur, leaving you unprotected, unless you have a battery backup sump pump.

If you are one of those without a backup, call Perma-Seal today. The experts when it comes to basement waterproofing, Perma-Seal can help you choose your battery backup sump pump that’s suited to your home.

Keep your family and home safe, call Perma-Seal today for a free estimate.