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Joliet Sewer Line Inspection

Located 40 miles southwest of Chicago, Joliet in Illinois is one of the state’s fastest growing cities with a population of about 148,000. First planned out in the early 1830s, the city has evolved to become an exurb or a commuter town.

With annual precipitation levels of 36.29 inches, many homes in Joliet know the threat that flooded basements pose. While the weather is one of the main factors of flooded basements, another is a backed-up sewer.

If on the driest of days, you suddenly find your basement or home inundated with sewage water, the problem could be a blockage of some sort to your sewage system.

When homeowners are confronted with this problem, the immediate reaction is to call a professional to get a sewer line inspection. However, some companies inspect sewer lines by excavating the whole front lawn and checking the entire length of pipes underground.

By calling Perma-Seal, you can avoid the excavations since they use a sewer camera to inspect your sewer lines. The camera is inserted in the pipe and it goes through the pipes to check where the blockage is located. Once found, they can excavate that small area only to fix or replace it.

If you have a backed-up sewer, don’t let your entire front lawn be excavated by just anyone. Call Perma-Seal and have them use their mainline sewer camera inspection and rodding system to avoid unnecessary excavations in your property.