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Lake Forest Sewer Line Rodding

A city in Lake County, Illinois, Lake Forest is part of the Chicago metropolitan area and has a population of about 19,400. Named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor day Foundation, Lake Forest is known for its commitment to keeping a beautiful community forest.

While forests abound and thrive above ground, sometimes, what happens below ground remains unknown to many of us. We only realize that something might be wrong when sewage starts to back up and flood our homes.

Traditionally, when a sewage pipe backs up, it requires a team of professionals to dig through the whole front yard of your home to find the blocked pipe, then rod it to clear the blockage. While this works well, it is an expensive and stressful procedure that many would rather not go through.

Perma-Seal offers the best alternative with its mainline sewer camera inspection & rodding services. Using a camera to find the location of a blocked pipe without excavating, then rodding the pipe out to remove the blockage, you forgo the excavation and stress for something much more efficient.

So if you find yourself having a backed up sewer in your home, call Perma-Seal today for a stress-free solution to a usually stressful situation.