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Backup Sump Systems For Schaumburg, Illinois

Part of the Golden Corridor, Schaumburg is a village located in Cook County, Illinois. Home to the Motorola Solutions headquarters and the 11th largest mall in the US, Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg has grown to become a suburban metropolis from humble rural beginnings.  

Given its location though, Schaumburg is prone to extreme weather changes, with hot summers and cold winter, and scattered thunderstorms during spring and summer. These changes can cause many moisture problems, including basement flooding.

Flooded basements can cause a variety of problems, such as mildew and fungi growth, weakening of the foundation, and wood rot, so it’s important to prevent floods.  

Solutions to Flooded Basements 

Most likely, your basement or crawl spaces already have a sump pump. If not, you should go out and get one. Basically, a sump pump is an appliance that pumps water from the basement or crawl space out away from the home. However, what happens if there’s a power outage, or if your sump pump fails?  This is why you need a back up sump pump. Battery operated sump pump work the same way as your main sump pump with the exception that it works on its own power. If your sump pump fails due to a power shortage, your backup pump can continue the job, keeping your basement dry. It’s also going to activate on its own if ever your main pump should choose to conk out in the middle of a storm.  

Benefits to Schaumburg Homeowners 

Flooded basements can be a headache. It can ruin basement walls and floors, belongings stored here, and cause rot in wooden posts. It can also deteriorate your foundation, and foster mildew and fungi growth which can cause serious health issues. Keeping your basement free from floods is beneficial to you and your home, and having a backup sump pump ensures that even in the nastiest weather, your basement is always kept dry.  

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