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Basement Egress Window Installation in Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights, a village in Cook County, Illinois, is a Chicago suburb with a population of 75,101 and counting. Since the population explosion in the 1950’s and 1960’s, virtually all land has been taken up, which leads homeowners to think about adding more rooms to their existing homes.  

However, adding a room can be difficult and expensive, so many convert their basements to additional rooms. But unless you have an egress window, the building codes in the area won’t allow you to undergo this renovation project due to fire safety regulations.  Since most basements were built before these new building codes were implemented, not many were built with egress windows. Fortunately, you can install new ones.

Egress Window Installation

Once you decide to convert your basement into additional living space, an egress window is a must. But it must be built according to certain specifications, which is why you should call a Perma-Seal professional to ensure a proper installation.

A professional will make sure that your new egress window will be sealed from the outside, is secure enough for safety, and adheres to the building code.  

Benefits to Arlington Heights Homeowners 

With space being an expensive commodity these days, having the option to convert your basement into a usable living space is a sound investment. You gain additional room, and if done right, it can even raise the value of your home significantly.

Call a Perma-Seal professional today and find out more about options available to help you convert your basement into a finished and usable space.