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5 Signs You are Working for a Great Company

5 Signs You Are Working for a Great Company

Many times, people look to the start of a New Year to re-evaluate their priorities and values. Sometimes this leads to a realization that they are seeking more from their career.

Company culture is important here at Perma-Seal Basement Systems. We believe we have an awesome responsibility over the lives that are entrusted by us. We strive to bring out the best in everyone and help them see a better version of themselves. Here are five reasons we know we are on the right track.

1.Employees love coming to work. Everyday.

Recognition, stimulating work, and support are just a few of the reasons our employees have said they like walking through Perma-Seal doors each day. Without the work of our employees, we wouldn’t be able to help the homeowners of this community.

It can be hard to skip into work every Monday – we know – but there’s something to be said for working in a job that fills your cup.

2.They enjoy being around their fellow tribal members.

Working alongside others with the same values and work ethic can help a company keep its culture even during stressful or busy times. And that is no different here at Perma-Seal.

It starts with the hiring process. Sometimes the person who is the most qualified on paper is not the best culture fit for a company. A contractor that hires based on values first can make sure everyone is approaching each job with the right mindset. A lot of times, the actual function of the job can be taught with the right training and onboarding.

3.We feel a sense of purpose in the work that we do.

Every job comes with tasks that may not be enjoyable. However, knowing how every aspect of a job rolls up to a bigger picture with a purpose can help you keep perspective. At Perma-Seal, ensuring a great experience for the homeowner is always at the center of what we do. We strive to provide a remarkable experience.

Ensuring safe homes and peace of mind for our customers would be much harder to accomplish if we were comfortable with mediocrity. We have a culture where going above and beyond for those we serve is not only recognized, but immensely appreciated.

4. We are driven to support our surrounding communities.

We are dedicated to being an advocate for our community, returning the blessings that we have been given. Each year, Perma-Seal donates 10% of it’s net profits to local charities who in turn can help support their root causes and ultimately make a positive impact.

What’s even more special? Our tribal members have a say in who we get to lend a helping hand to. Charities near and dear to us are often suggested by our tribal members because they share the compassion they bring to the workplace.

5. You are never alone.

We call ourselves a tribe, but what is it? A tribe means that you have made a conscious decision to join a group to make your way through life. A tribe brings great responsibility – you are no longer the sole recipient of the actions or inactions. You trust that you can achieve greater success and happiness by working as part of a tribe than you could achieve by yourself.

Our tribal members always have a support system. Be it on tasks to complete, guidance, or mentorship. They have someone they can trust and rely on.

If you’re looking for a new position and the above points have resonated with you, be sure to check out our open positions on our careers site here.