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How Your Chimney Can Indicate You Have a Foundation Issue

Your chimney can sometimes feel like an accessory to the outside of your home. However, the chimney is very much a part of the structure of the home and problems with the chimney can indicate larger foundation issues at play.

Leaning or separating chimneys pose the biggest concern. A homeowner who can see the chimney lean away from the structure of the home should contact a foundation repair contractor right away. Besides brick or other siding falling off the chimney, it could also mean pests or water could make its ways in between the gaps. Most concerning, it could mean combustible gasses are leaking in through cracks through the lining.

Often times, the soil around your home can cause the chimney and foundation issues, namely settlement. Sometimes chimneys are built on a foundation that is not connected to the rest of the home, making it even more at risk of settlement.

Solutions to keeping your chimney upright and aligned with your home can include piers, braces, and hydraulic jacks. These products should only be installed by a trained contractor.

Working with a contractor who specializes in foundation settlement repair will ensure you are getting a thorough inspection of your home and the best solution. Reach out to schedule your free home inspection today.

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