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3 Reasons To Have a Battery Backup Sump Pump

You’ve heard that the sump pump is the heart of your basement waterproofing system, and it’s true—without the sump pump, you would have no way to get rid of the water that gathers around the foundation of your home. The sump pump is your ultimate protection against basement water seepage and flooding, and the key to keeping your basement dry. Since so much relies on the sump pump, shouldn’t you be protected if something happens to it?

A battery backup sump pump is a great addition for homeowners who want to protect themselves and keep their basement or crawl space dry. Here are three reasons to have a battery back-up:

For when the power goes out

During a heavy rainstorm, your sump pump works very hard to keep water out of your basement. If you experience a power outage, it will prevent your primary sump pump from performing and the results can be devastating. A battery backup sump pump, however, is designed to run off of a battery and will continue to function for the life of the battery or until the power is restored to your home.

For when the primary pump dies

One thing is certain about sump pumps, they all fail; it’s not a matter of if but when. When your primary sump pump dies, you don’t want to be stuck for a minute without basement water protection. Your battery backup stands by until needed. If the primary sump pump is unable to perform due to a mechanical failure, the backup comes to the rescue and continues to pump water out of the basement.

For when volume of water is too much for the primary sump pump

In extremely heavy rain, the ground is saturated with more water than what it can hold. The water, looking for a place to go, tries to enter into your basement in any way that it can. With so much water entering around your foundation, your primary pump may not be able to eject all of the water quickly enough. When the water rises past your primary pump, the battery back up sump pump will kick on and continue to discharge the excess water.

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