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When’s the Last Time You Had Your Sump Pump Checked? Will it Be Ready For the Next Big Elmhurst, IL Rain?

Elmhurst is a city in DuPage and Cook counties in Illinois, with a population of 44,121. Home to famed Elmhurst College and is the site of the Keebler Company’s corporate headquarters, Elmhurst has a lot to be proud of. However, with all the wonderful things that keep Elmhurst residents busy everyday, it should be asked: when was the last time you had your sump pump checked? Will it be ready for the next big rain?  When it rains, basements and crawl spaces are usually inundated with water and moisture. A flooded basement or crawl space can cause numerous problems in a home, such as deterioration of the foundation, mold and fungi growth, and the moisture can cause a musty smell that wafts throughout the house.  

One of the main tools to help prevent this flooding is the sump pump. By pumping water from the basement to a safe place outside, basements and crawl spaces don’t need to be moist or flooded every time it rains – but is your pump working like it should? 

Solutions to Sump Pump Maintenance 

Checking if your sump pump works is simple and only takes a few minutes. Just take a bucket of water, open your sump pump and fill its basin up slowly. If the pump starts working to drain the water, then it works fine. However, if the water reaches the top and overflows, you might have a problem.  

For those whose pumps don’t work, it’s best call a Perma-Seal professional to repair (or in some cases, replace) your sump pump.   Of course, you should also have a backup sump pump for those times when your main pump fails in the middle of a downpour when the power goes out. You can check the status of your backup the same way as your main pump. If it doesn’t work, check to see if it has batteries. If you don’t have a back up pump, it’s a must that you get one right away.  

Benefits to Elmhurst Homeowners 

A working sump pump with a battery operated backup provides peace of mind. When big rain hits, you don’t have to worry if your basement or crawl space is going to get flooded. With a back up pump, you won’t have to worry if your main pump will fail. Peace of mind, especially when it comes to the place where you and your family live, is always worth the time.

Be prepared come rainy season, give yourself some peace of mind and check your sump pump today to be sure it’s working like it should