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What You Should be Looking out for Around Your Dolton, IL Home’s Foundation

A small village in Cook County, Illinois, Dolton has a population of about 23,000 and is the home of NFL star Donovan McNabb and actress Jane Lynch. Residents here may seem to live idyllic lives, but the truth is – the same problems the rest of the country has can be found here. Such as the ones that plague a home’s foundation.

A home is as sturdy as its foundation. A weak foundation will make for a flimsy home, which can be dangerous. So what should Dolton residents look out for around their home’s foundation?

First, is to check the soil composition and moisture content. If the earth below a home has uneven densities, this can cause the foundation to crack and settle unevenly. Once you see cracks, you will need to get them taken care of immediately so that they don’t let water inside.

Temperature changes can also wreak havoc on your foundations. Freezing and thawing expand and contract the dirt, thus damaging your home’s foundation.

Then of course, there’s water. Excess water in the soil around your home can cause uneven densities, it can leach through the basement, and it can deteriorate the foundation’s materials and even cause bowed walls because of hydrostatic pressure. When an unusual amount of water is present in and around your foundation, you should be concerned.

There are other causes for foundation damage, such as trees with roots that push against it, or even the vibrations from nearby traffic.

Solutions to Foundation Damage

If you suspect your home may have foundation damage, the best thing to do is to call a Perma-Seal professional. A professional can pinpoint the cause of your foundation’s deterioration, and can repair and install whatever is needed to further prevent additional damage.

You might feel inclined to save money and do it all yourself, but unless you are a licensed contractor with the proper equipment, it’s best leave your home’s future in the hands of experts.

Benefits of Foundation Repair in Dolton, IL

A solid foundation means a sturdy home. By ensuring the continued sturdiness of your home’s foundation, you are given the peace of mind your home will be safe and sound for your family for many years to come.