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Sinking Concrete at Your New Home? It Could Be Poorly Compacted Soil

A new house in a new neighborhood can be exciting. It can feel like the possibilities are endless. Even better, new homes usually come free of problems… for a time.

When builders construct new homes, they disrupt the natural soils, digging into them to assemble the foundation and shifting the earth to create a flat space for the home to sit level. When they’re done, they put the excavated soil back around the home. But if the builder doesn’t properly compact the soil, it can compress over time.

This can cause concrete driveways, stoops, sidewalks, patios… you name it… to sink and become uneven. This in turn can cause tripping hazards that you could be liable for.

The good news is, concrete can typically be raised back into place so it’s level with the other concrete slabs around it. It’s a relatively quick process that will allow you to use your concrete normally as soon as the next day. And another benefit? It’s much more cost effective than traditional mudjacking or replacing the entire piece of concrete!