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Much Needed Rain Storm Causes Major Flooding

Throughout the entire day yesterday, a slow moving storm rolled through Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana and brought some much needed rain to the area. As much as four inches of rain fell in a mater of hours, with the city of Chicago and the Western Suburbs getting hit the hardest. The prolonged downpours led to flooding and closures of some major roadways, including Lake Shore Drive. By Sunday evening, many cars were found stalled or even completely submerged in water due to the flash floods.

But these storms didn’t just affect traffic.  Unfortunately, many homeowners spent their Sunday nights dealing with the water that was flooding into their basements. If you have experienced any seepage or water leaking into your home, it’s important to have it dealt with right away. Ignoring the problem could lead to further damage of your home and family’s personal belongings.  And most importantly, it will affect the health of your family.  Active water leaks or excessive dampness will help support the growth of dangerous molds in your lower living area.  Although you may think it will stay downstairs, it won’t. The mold will make its way upstairs into the living environment of the home, and it could be responsible for causing headaches, allergies, breathing problems, and a number of other health-related issues that your family should not have to contend with!

The Perma-Seal team is working hard to assist homeowners with their storm related problems, and to prevent future occurrences. If you are experiencing water in your basement or crawl space, sump pump failure or municipal sewer backup, Perma-Seal can help.  Call us today at 800-421-SEAL or fill the online form to schedule a FREE consultation for your home and avoid panicking the next time storms come rolling through! That’s right – you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with a Perma-Seal lifetime warranty.