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Joliet Sump Pump Problems

A city in Will and Kendall Counties, Joliet in Illinois is located just 40 miles southwest of Chicago and is the state’s fastest growing city. First planned out in the early 1830s, Joliet has evolved to become the home to close to 147,500 residents today.

Given the city’s proximity to Chicago, it’s not hard to imagine Joliet having the same climate as the Windy City. With hot summers, cold winters, and thunderstorms common during spring and winter, Joliet is inundated annually with a precipitation level of about 37 inches.

With this amount of water, you can easily imagine many of the city’s basements and crawl spaces being wet or damp, and sometimes even flooded. To control this, many homeowners use a sump pump to help pump water out from their basements and away from their homes.

However, being a mechanical appliance, sump pumps can break down. While it is recommended to have a back up available, a broken down sump pump should be repaired immediately.

If your home’s sump pump has broken down, or is experiencing problems you cannot deal with on your own, call Perma-Seal right away. The finest basement waterproofing company in the area, Perma-Seal includes sump pumps as one of its areas of expertise. Whether you need your sump pump repaired or replaced, these professionals are the ones you should call.

Don’t let water overtake your basement and life whenever the weather gets wet just because your sump pump failed. Call Perma-Seal today to ensure your sump pump problems are resolved immediately.