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Downers Grove Sinking Home

A village in DuPage County, Illinois, Downers Grove has been named by Forbes as number 8 in its list of America’s Friendliest Towns. It has also been ranked number 5 in CNN’s list of the Best Places for a Healthy Retirement.

Despite its accolades though, many Downers Grove residents have to contend with something that many homeowners around the country have to deal with – that is – a sinking home.

A sinking, or settling home, is when the foundation shifts, thus causing the house to sink. This is a natural occurrence, and every house settles. While a home may take years to settle, some do it faster than usual, and this is when things can get awry.

If you find the doors and windows of your home sticking, or generally being hard to open or close, this may be a sign your home is sinking. Bowed walls and cracks in your foundation can be another sign. Even if a settling home is natural, if it happens fast enough, this can cause damage and should be addressed right away.

Repairing a sinking home is not one to be left as a DIY project. To properly deal with it, professional help is required. Perma-Seal can offer you a free estimate and assessment by its certified foundation consultants to give you an idea what the scope of the project is and how much it will cost.

Trusting in Perma-Seal is the right thing when it comes to sinking homes. So, if you suspect your home is sinking, call them right away to ensure your personal castle stays standing for a long time.