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How is Water Getting Into My Wheaton, IL Basement?

One of the more affluent Illinois cities, Wheaton is located in Milton and Winfield townships with a population of about 52,894. Despite being listed as one of the 25 highest earning towns in the United States by Money Magazine, problems of water in Wheaton home basements remain.

The question now is, how is this possible? First of all, flooding of basements can happen to anyone, anytime, so it’s not worth feeling bad about. Being the lowest level of a home or building, it’s plain physics that basements are prone to flooding which can be caused by seepage or water flow through basement walls or floors. If you see visible dampness or trickles of water near or on the wall and floor, it’s time to call in the basement waterproofing professionals. In cases like these, DIY solutions may not work. Sometimes, it can make things worse, especially if you don’t find the cause of the problem. Causes can range from water being forced by gravity to find the lowest part of the house, or it can be cause by inefficient gutter downspouts, an improper roof slope, clogged window wells, or a high water table that forces water up through your basement cove.  

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Solutions to the problem can range from correcting surface drainage problems that cause water to drain to the basement, to special waterproofing paint to prevent wall dampness, to requiring physical interior deep-channel pressure relief drains to collect water (for major seepage problems). The solutions are as varied as the causes, and one that can’t be handled through DIY repair work. Perma-Seal can provide you with sump pumps, dehumidifiers, drain systems, and more.

Benefits to Wheaton Homeowners

If you have water in the basement of your Wheaton home, it’s best to seek professional help right away because a damp or flooded basement can cause numerous health problems; such as allergic reactions from mold spores and dust mite feces; to leptospirosis due to mouse urine and droppings. A wet basement can also cause structural damage to your home by weakening the foundation, rotting wood, and deteriorating structural supports.   

For those with water in the basement in Wheaton, IL, call the basement professionals at Perma-Seal and make your basement a healthier place, not a breeding ground of sickness and disease, and the cause of your home’s literal downfall.