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What Can Happen if I Don’t Fix My Wet and Damp Crawl Space in Valparaiso, IN?

Valparaiso, IN – the county seat of Porter County, Indiana with a population of 31,730. Home to the Indiana Aviation Museum and the Taltree Arboretum and Gardens, is a city built on the Valparaiso Moraine. With a terrain made up of glacial debris, the issue of wet and damp crawl spaces is prevalent for many Valparaiso, IN residents. The question many homeowners ask then is, “what can happen if I don’t fix my wet and damp crawl space?”  Wet and damp crawl spaces can be a source of many air quality issues, and can be a breeding ground for mold and other fungal growth. Aside from the health issues that may arise from this, your home’s structure can be at risk as well due to deterioration brought about by the dampness.

Wet and Damp Crawl Space Solutions  

Homeowners can reduce risks by removing any standing water and making sure that dangers such as hanging electrical lines are cleared. Wet materials should be removed and replaced as soon as possible, as well. You can also prevent future problems by improving drainage and ensuring that ground water is controlled.

If you feel overwhelmed, your best bet is to call a professional. Perma-Seal can help you address your wet and damp crawl space problems by finding solutions to the root of the problem, and taking care of these risks so that you don’t have a wet crawl space to deal with again. Perma-Seal can install sump pumps, vapor barriers, floor liners, and SaniDry dehumidifiers to help with this moisture problem.

Benefits to Valparaiso Residents  

A clean and dry crawl space means less health risks, especially from mold and fungal spores, and a more sturdy home foundation and structure. Of course, you also get peace of mind that your family is free from allergies inside the home, and the worry of your home collapsing on you is non-existent.   

Protect your family and home from wet and damp crawl space issues, call a Perma-Seal professional today.