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Hear it From Lou: Why Winter Is the Best Time for Waterproofing

Hear it From Lou!

Helpful Tips from Home Improvement Expert, Lou Manfredini
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That leaky basement you had in the spring and summer is still leaky even though it’s winter.

If you live in Chicagoland there is a good chance you have a basement or crawlspace and if it has leaks you really shouldn’t ignore the issue. I get calls on my radio show all the time from homeowners who describe a wet basement and say; “only when the rain blows in from the west, or only after a couple of days of hard rain”. The fact is your basement should not leak ever, and my friends at Perma Seal can help. I have worked with Perma Seal promoting their business for more than 10 years.

Winter is the Best Time for Waterproofing

The reason I work with them is because they do excellent work at a fair price and stand behind that work. Roy Spencer started the company over 45 years ago and he is still the owner and still ensures that they work they do is permanent and that their warranty is transferable.

During the winter time, your leaky basement can still get repaired and the work can get completed quickly because their schedule is more flexible. I promise you when the spring rains come if you have a leaky basement it will still leak and Perma Seal will get backed up. Call them today and schedule a free no obligation consultation to assess what the right course of action is to fix your wet basement. They have helped over 400,000 homeowners and they can help you