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Hear it From Lou: Concrete Raising & Leveling

Hear it From Lou!

By Lou Manfredini

In my early career in construction I spent one summer as a concrete finisher. I worked on a crew pouring and finishing concrete at the old U.S. Post Office in downtown Chicago. It was really hard work, but I learned a lot from some very seasoned professionals. The one thing one of them said to me is there are three things you can count on in life. “You have to pay your taxes, we are all going to die at some point and if it’s concrete it will crack” And you know what he was right. Concrete is an amazing tough material but Mother Nature is tougher. Back then your options were slim, you either ripped it out and re-poured the area or you mud-jacked it into place which was not that reliable. Technology has finally caught up. Poly-level is a precise injection of polyurethane that can level concrete back to where it’s supposed to be and can be driven on in a matter of hours. Compared to ripping out and replacing the cost is half and virtually no mess and very little inconvenience. It’s another way that Perma-Seal is making your world a better place. All this work is done outside, the estimate, the work and the clean-up. So you know that you and your family are safe when this work is getting done.

Before and After PolyLevel Concrete Lifting