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How Salt and Sand Can Lead to Concrete Issues

Whether it's a cracking driveway, pitting concrete sidewalks, or a crumbling stoop, what you put on your concrete during the winter can have a major impact. There are many factors that can play into the concrete around a home falling into disrepair. One primary reason is the soil under the concrete. But, what you put on top of your concrete can mak...

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PolyLevel vs. Mudjacking

PolyLevel vs. Mudjacking

Why Mudjacking Isn't the Best Fix for Sunken Concrete  Let's be honest, uneven concrete is unsightly, lowers your property value, and it's downright dangerous as a trip hazard. Whether it's your sinking driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck – it needs to be fixed and fixed right. But what's the best way to fix your uneven concrete? For many ...

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Summer Weather Impacts

Summer Weather Impacts

In the summer months, a lot can happen to the concrete in and around our homes. And with more people out and about, concrete issues might feel more noticeable – and more annoying. From a sunken sidewalk slab to a cracked concrete driveway, the climate of the region has a direct impact on the soil and, ultimately, the concrete on top of it. It's not...

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Prevent Pool Party Problems This Memorial Day

 Memorial Day is around the corner, with the start of summer hot on its heels. This means one thing: pool season. And let's be honest, if you have a pool, you likely have a bunch of people just waiting for you to invite them over. Us included. Let us help you throw the best pool parties this summer by eliminating any safety issues surrounding ...

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Leave Something Better

As your concrete, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing contractor, we strive to leave your home better than when we first arrived. At any point, our team members strive to leave you with better peace of mind and – ultimately – a better home. Our customer care team works to promptly get back to you, to ease your home concerns. Our customers...

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Is PolyLevel Environmentally Friendly?

We've all seen PolyLevel videos on YouTube: heavy sunken concrete driveway slabs moving back up to their original position as if lifted by some supernatural force. It's fun and fascinating to watch. So, what's the catch? Is it expensive? No, not particularly. Is it rare? Actually, we are an exclusive dealer! Aha! It's probably bad for the environme...

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Perma-Seal Concrete Slab Leveling for Industrial & Commercial Buildings

Perma-Seal has helped countless homeowners with sunken driveways, porches, sidewalks and patios, but many may not realize we also live on concrete slabs on a commercial scale. Interior slab leveling made easy. Our PolyLevel® Concrete Lifting & Leveling service can effectively raise uneven floors inside your warehouse or commercial property with...

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Sealed Joints Keep Concrete in Good Shape

Sealed Joints Keep Concrete in Good Shape

 Sealing the joints in your concrete will help keep it looking brand new for years to come. First off, what do we mean when we say "joints in your concrete?" When new concrete gets poured, oftentimes the contractor will make cuts in the top of the concrete. These cuts in the concrete slab, sometimes called control joints, keep the concrete fro...

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Horizontal & Vertical Movements

Horizontal & Vertical Movements

 If you're seeing cracks in your walls, the wall separating from the floor or ceiling, or maybe you're concerned that your walls seem to be bowing or caving in – chances are you have a foundation problem. There are many reasons why a home's foundation may be experiencing issues. A contractor trained specifically in foundation repair will be th...

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Foundation and Crawl Space Repair Options to Avoid

Think you may have problems with your crawl space or foundation?  The helpful document below can provide you with some insight into what could be going on and common repair options that should be avoided. Click to View

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

So, that foundation crack in your basement—the one you discovered last summer? View the pdf below to learn the cost of not treating foundation problems. Click to View

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3 Concrete Safety Concerns Around Your Home During the Holidays

 The holidays are the perfect time to gather friends and family at your home. But, if the concrete around your house is in disrepair, it can cause serious safety issues for your guests. First, sidewalks can become a particular concern if the concrete is needing repair. Uneven sidewalks can be a trip hazard, and sloping or sunken concrete sidew...

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2 Reasons to Refer a Contractor to Your Family & Friends

 Referring someone to a contractor can be an intimidating task. Here are two very important reasons to consider before passing over that contact information.

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PolyLevel is the NEW Mudjacking

PolyLevel is the New Mudjacking

 If you're reading this blog, you've probably already found some concrete issues around your home and are looking for the right solution to fix these troubles. If the issue is sinking or settling slabs, mud jacking is a technique that's been around for decades. The process involves mixing a mud and concrete slurry and pumping it under a sinkin...

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Real Estate Market

What's Happening in Our Area's Real Estate Market?

 There's no doubt 2020 has been a strange year for careers, families and communities – this includes real estate. Across the country, inventory was at historic lows over the spring and summer months as COVID-19 left many people uncertain about their future. But, for those looking to sell, doing so during a period of low inventory could be a go...

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The Do's and Don'ts of Driveway Repair

The Do's and Don'ts of Driveway Repair

 If you have a home, chances are you have a driveway. (Okay, we really didn't work too hard on that one, keep reading). Driveways in the midwest can often become cracked and sunken. This is a result of the soil underneath those concrete driveway slabs. As the soil softens during rain or moisture, the weight of the concrete could cause the slab...

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How to Save Money on Major Home Repairs

Are you needing major home repairs? Has your home been damaged by flooding or bad weather? We can help you save money on those major home repairs. Click to View

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4 Questions to Ask a Contractor

Are you having work done on your home by a contractor?  The helpful document below can provide you with some helpful questions you should ask any contractor working on your home before they begin the work. Click to View

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Why Sidewalks Become Uneven and Who it Impacts

Uneven Sidewalks and Who They Impact

You probably don't spend much time thinking about the sidewalk in front of your home. It's not so much for you as it is for the pedestrians around your neighborhood. However, the sidewalk on your property is your responsibility to maintain. There are a few factors that could cause a sidewalk to need repairs. Rain can wash away the dirt underneath t...

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How Weather Affects Concrete

How Different Weather Affects Concrete

In the summer months, a lot can happen to the concrete in and around our homes. And with more people out and about, concrete issues might feel more noticeable – and more annoying. From a sunken sidewalk slab to a cracked concrete driveway, the climate of the region has a direct impact on the soil and, ultimately, the concrete on top of it. It's not...

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Sinking Concrete at Your New Home? It Could Be Poorly Compacted Soil

 A new house in a new neighborhood can be exciting. It can feel like the possibilities are endless. Even better, new homes usually come free of problems… for a time. When builders construct new homes, they disrupt the natural soils, digging into them to assemble the foundation and shifting the earth to create a flat space for the home to sit l...

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Hear it From Lou: Concrete Raising & Leveling

SPONSORED CONTENTBy Lou Manfredini In my early career in construction I spent one summer as a concrete finisher. I worked on a crew pouring and finishing concrete at the old U.S. Post Office in downtown Chicago. It was really hard work, but I learned a lot from some very seasoned professionals. The one thing one of them said to me is there are thre...

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Cracked, uneven concrete is dangerous!

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