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Leave Something Better

As your concrete, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing contractor, we strive to leave your home better than when we first arrived. At any point, our team members strive to leave you with better peace of mind and – ultimately – a better home. Our customer care team works to promptly get back to you, to ease your home concerns. Our customers...

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Foundation and Crawl Space Repair Options to Avoid

Think you may have problems with your crawl space or foundation?  The helpful document below can provide you with some insight into what could be going on and common repair options that should be avoided. Click to View

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

So, that foundation crack in your basement—the one you discovered last summer? View the pdf below to learn the cost of not treating foundation problems. Click to View

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What is That?! - Egress Window

Besides thinking it's a big hole next to your home's foundation with some metal... It's actually a brand new emergency exit window well and window! These Egress Window kits can increase basement safety and bring in natural lighting to what was a dark area. The primary purpose of a basement egress window well is to properly prevent flooding around t...

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2 Reasons to Refer a Contractor to Your Family & Friends

 Referring someone to a contractor can be an intimidating task. Here are two very important reasons to consider before passing over that contact information.

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How to Save Money on Major Home Repairs

Are you needing major home repairs? Has your home been damaged by flooding or bad weather? We can help you save money on those major home repairs. Click to View

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4 Questions to Ask a Contractor

Are you having work done on your home by a contractor?  The helpful document below can provide you with some helpful questions you should ask any contractor working on your home before they begin the work. Click to View

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Finish Your Willowbrook Basement Walls to Add Extra Living Space to Your Home

Located in DuPage County, Illinois, Willowbrook is a small village with a population of just about 9,000. Situated just about 23 miles from Chicago, Willowbrook shares the same weather and climate of the Windy City.

With families slowly getting larger and land becoming more expensive, not many Willowbrook residents can afford buying more space to expand their houses. So many look down into their basement.

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Why Should You Install Egress Windows During Your Basement Finishing Project in Naperville?

Naperville was once a quaint farming town that has evolved into an affluent city and is the 5th largest city in Illinois. This growth can cause some problems with living space, and being a rich city, land and property can be a tad expensive. Families who need extra space for their growing families will find that extra land can be prohibitively expensive.  

However, there is good news. If you have a basement, you can convert that into a living area, whether as an extra family room or a bedroom for your teenage son. The only cost you'll have is for converting it, but it will be much cheaper than having to buy an extra parcel of land or a bigger house.  

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Basement Egress Window Installation in Arlington Heights, IL

Arlington Heights, a village in Cook County, Illinois, is a Chicago suburb with a population of 75,101 and counting. Since the population explosion in the 1950's and 1960's, virtually all land has been taken up, which leads homeowners to think about adding more rooms to their existing homes.  

However, adding a room can be difficult and expensive, so many convert their basements to additional rooms. But unless you have an egress window, the building codes in the area won't allow you to undergo this renovation project due to fire safety regulations.  Since most basements were built before these new building codes were implemented, not many were built with egress windows. Fortunately, you can install new ones.

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Thinking of finishing your basement?

Thinking of finishing your basement…when you start with a dry, healthy basement, anything is possible!

The first step you should take when you are planning to finish your basement is to stop any active seepage or moisture in that area.  If you have any potential water problems, it is crucial to resolve those issues before you spend thousands of dollars to refinish the basement.  Call a professional to evaluate your foundation for any active as well as potential leaks.  They should also examine your sump pump to make sure it is properly working and efficient for your home.  Lastly, you should have a backup sump pump system to ensure full protection for your basement.

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How To Finish Your Basement

Finishing your basement is no easy task, but with a little bit of planning and hard work, you can turn your drab basement into a fabulous lower level living or entertainment area.

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