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Bridge Communities

We held our annual All Tribe meeting in late March. Perma-Seal’s annual All Tribe meeting provides an opportunity to bring together our Tribal members to reflect on and celebrate the past year’s successes and look ahead to the next 12 months and beyond. It is our chance to pause and appreciate what has been accomplished. 

Beyond reflecting, planning, and celebrating, the All Tribe is also an opportunity for our Tribe to serve the local community. During the day-long event, Perma-Seal partnered with three nonprofits including Bridge Communities.

Bridge Communities serves homeless families with mentoring, housing, and supportive services. Tribal members pulled together camping kits that included a sleeping bag, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, tooth brush, tooth paste, and more. The camping kits will be provided to children transitioning from homelessness as they experience the fun of summer camp. We also assembled birthday bags including cake mix, banners, decorations, and more to help make the day special. 

Perma-Seal will also be a presenting sponsor of the upcoming Celebrating Women, Transforming Lives luncheon at Meson Sabika in Naperville on Friday, May 17. This annual event will honor and recognize a Bridge Communities alumna with the Lives Transformed award along with presenting the Transforming Lives award to a community leader changing lives and making a difference within the community.