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A Blessing Hand

Living our Core Values for our Tribe, our Customers, our Partners  and the Communities we serve is one of the cornerstones of the growth and success of our Tribe for 45 years.  Part of our annual All Tribe meeting is dedicated to our Core Values as department leaders recognize Tribal members that embody Perma-Seal’s Core Values without exception. 

Perma-Seal’s Core Values 

  • We work hard…Seriously!
  • We find a way.
  • We act with integrity.
  • We strive to be better.
  • We are compassionate.
  • We inspire creativity, optimism, and fun!


Our Core Values support our larger purpose, to make the world a better place. As we continually work towards fulfilling our purpose, we seek opportunities to use our means and resources to serve the communities we’re a part of. We’ve already highlighted Perma-Seal’s work with Bridge Communities. The second nonprofit we partnered with during our All Tribe meeting was  A Blessing Hand.

Our Tribe assembled 250 Easter baskets for children who are a part of A Blessing Hand, a nonprofit affiliated with the Chicago Area Project. They work together with the community to provide food and other essential necessities to low income families in addition to running youth programs to promote self-efficacy.

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