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Basement Waterproofing Materials Used to Fix Leaks in Aurora Homes

Aurora, Illinois – the second most populated city in the state, it is home to about 198,000 people and is located in the outer region of metro Chicago. What was once a mid-sized manufacturing city, Aurora has grown exponentially in the past 50 years to become one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Though the city grows, one household issue remains constant; and that is basement moisture issues. Because of the high levels of precipitation in the area, with annual levels averaging 38.39 inches, wet basements are always a problem.

Because of this, leaks abound in many Aurora homes and homeowners need to be prepared to fix these leaks as soon as they pop up. If you plan on fixing your own leaks, be sure to have a few basement waterproofing materials on hand such as:

Polyurethane or epoxy repair kits to fix cracks in basement walls
Seals and gaskets to stop pipe penetrations
Concrete sealers
Wall coating

While the above list isn’t a full rundown of the materials you might need, these are enough to handle any emergencies in need of quick repairs. If you want to know more about the tools you need to waterproof your home, you can call Perma-Seal for assistance.

Perma-Seal can also help you repair leaks that are beyond your skill level, and to ensure that your basement is free from moisture the whole year round.

Whether you need materials to do your own repairs, or require help from professionals for the bigger jobs, Perma-Seal is the one to call.