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After the Storm: What Not to Do in Your Chicago Home

The third most populous city in the country, Chicago is known for its cultural contributions to art, film, theater, novels, music, and many more. It is also known for its weather, hence earning the nickname the Windy City.

Aside from the harsh winters, Chicago is also prone to thunderstorms, especially during spring and summer. When a heavy storm hits, Chicago basements tend to flood if they aren’t properly waterproofed.

But aside from the leaks, storms can cause other damages outside your home. Before you venture out to return to a life of normalcy, here are some safety tips on what not to do after a storm:

When your home gets damaged, chances are likely there is debris scattered about. Be sure to remove any exposed nails or shattered glass that may be lying around. If the debris is too dangerous to carry away, at least try to contain it to a small area and set up signs warning of any kind of tripping hazard.

When the power is out, be wary about lighting a candle or lighter. Make sure there are no gas leaks in the area first. If possible, use a flashlight or emergency light.

To ensure there are no gas leaks, or to determine if there is one, try to smell your surroundings for any unusual and strange odors. Stay away form burning electrical smells, too. If there are any strange smells anywhere, contact local authorities right away.

Outside your home, be sure to wait until debris has been cleared out before you venture out with your vehicle. Also, make sure to keep away from fallen power lines. And when there is flood water, whether outside or in your basement, be sure to wear proper safety gear before you wade into it.

For insurance purposes, take photos of the damages on your house and be wary of contractors out there who might approach you to help. While they may seem like a godsend, be sure to check their credentials first.

To be sure, after the storm, call a trustworthy company such as Perma-Seal to help. One of the leading and most reliable contractors in the area, Perma-Seal is one of your best bets to ask for help from after a storm.