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Are You Ready for the Next Big Storm?

Why do homeowners resign themselves to living with a wet basement or crawl space? We hear so many stories of those who continue to clean up the mess, year after year. Maybe, it’s because of the fear of cost or who will show up on their doorstep. If you add up the cost of replacing the carpet, furniture and appliances, and irreplaceable items like photos and memorabilia, you could end up paying an even greater price!

Our friend from Oswego, Illinois refused to come home to a flooded basement –again. A few years ago, Jim and his wife learned a hard lesson when they came home to a finished, flooded basement nightmare! A $15k claim and several years later, it was pouring rain, and Jim just didn’t trust his sump pump to keep up. Jim wanted to enjoy his upcoming out-of-state trip, so he knew who to call – Perma-Seal!

We were able to replace his sump pump and ensure his battery back up pump and system were functioning properly, before Jim and his wife went on vacation. They enjoyed their visit with their grandchildren, thanks to the priceless peace of mind that came with their dry, healthy basement.

With Perma-Seal’s free estimates, Price Assurance Guarantee, uniformed professionals, and repairs that add value to your home, you don’t need to have a sinking feeling when there’s rain in the forecast. To prepare for the next big storm, with a company you can TRUST, You Know Who to Call!